Energy is Money.

Using the power of the blockchain, Charg Coin (CHG) facilitates crowdsourced energy distribution. Now anyone can sell energy, in one second increments, to anyone else.

With the help of our partners over at WeChargthe Charg Coin ledger has enabled the crowdsourcing of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.  Just like Uber or Airbnb, now anyone can be their own boss in the new energy economy.  This powerful fusion of open source meets the blockchain enables Charg Coin’s inherent value to tap into the 65 Trillion Dollar energy industry anywhere and everywhere energy is distributed.  We call it the Internet of Energy (IoE) and, similar to the Internet of Things, the possibilities are endless.  Who wouldn’t want the power of energy in their wallet?  Click here to TRADE Charg Coin (CHG) now!


Everywhere you go, you’re full.
Because anyone can rent out their parking and power just like Airbnb, the number of electric car charging stations is growing exponentially. With Charg Coin you can rest assured that your electric vehicle will never run out of power again.


What's Charg (CHG)?

Charg solves a problem all electric cars have in common: finding a charging station reliably, anywhere in the world, anytime a recharge is needed. By connecting Charg Station owners with drivers, no environmentally conscious driver ever needs to worry about running out of power again. That's because anyone in the world who joins the Charg network can lease their parking and electric car charging station to everyone on the Charg network. By leasing any parking space to the tens of millions of electric cars which will soon be on the roads, anyone can be their own boss.


Dream Team

Charg Coin is an open source project, meaning the community creates the project, but these all-stars have contributed the most

Josef Kulovany

Founder & Creator

Asad Zeeshan

Marketing Guru

Kanat Tulbassiyev

Developed the original CHG Coin Smart Contract

Purchase Charg Coin (CHG)

Charg Coin (CHG)


Charg Coin (CHG) is available on many exchanges, including our own proprietary exchange.  To see a list of exchanges, click: Trade Here


MAINNET CHG Contract Address:

Charg Coin (CHG) lives on both the ERC20 protocol AND our very own Mainnet!  For a small fee the coin can move back and forth between these two platforms via our proprietary decentralized bridge.  Trade Now!

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